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Prompt: Examining the 4 parenting styles as highlighted in the chapter, name one character from today’s pop culture/society that depicts a specific parenting style and describe/cite 4 identifying characteristics as referenced in the text to support your selection.

*Spoiler Alert*

Response: Gemma Teller-Morrow from Sons of Anarchy utilizes the Authoritarian Style in her parenting of her son, Jax Teller, in the Sons of Anarchy series.

Firstly, Gemma did not encourage Jax’s individual assertiveness in the first half of the show with his viewpoint on what the MC (Motorcycle Club) should stand for, which went back to the reason for why the club was formed, as his father, John Teller, wrote about in his book. Instead, she put her husband, Clay Morrow, in charge of keeping his Vice President, Jax, in line by not expanding their business outside of guns when Jax brought the idea of a different venue to generate money for the MC.

Secondly, She also does not communicate effectively with Jax, which can be seen in her manner of using Jax’s oldest son’s mother, Wendy, to put an idea in Jax’s head or even through Jax’s wife, Tara, by consciously putting an idea or thought into her mind in order that she would bring it up to Jax. For example, when Gemma put it in Tara’s mind that she deserved to know what her relationship with Jax entailed since he needed to focus on the MC instead of her (Tara’s problems), where in fact Gemma was concerned with Jax’s relationship with Tara and wanted to know what their relationship was.

Thirdly, Gemma did her best to restrict Jax’s emotional expressiveness and self-assertive behaviors because she did not want him following in his father, John Teller, footsteps since her and Clay gained up on John Teller and killed him. She wanted Jax to follow in Clay Morrow’s steps instead in order to keep him close to her and depend on her for guidance and connections. She also enjoyed being in control of his life in the MC, rather than allowing him to come to her for advice.

Lastly, She would often state “Because I said so.” in her explanations for why she wanted something done by Jax when she asked for him to do something. She would also use these excuse and form of power assertion when he first became a Father and did not want him losing focus on the MC since Tara had also came back to town at the beginning of the series.

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