Blog Post 8

Prompt: Reflecting on our mid-term class self-assessment and mutual problem solving exercise, name at least one thing that YOU will do for the rest of the semester in this course to contribute to your personal learning experience and at least one thing that you will contribute to the collaborative learning experience.

Response: Personally-The material at the beginning of the semester was not as dense and dry as it currently is, which made reading it easier. However, as we have progressed in the book, the chapter have evolved to be even harder for me to digest, which causes me to procrastinate the actual reading. So, the one thing I will change for the rest of the semester is resorting back to reading the material at the beginning of the week and completing the objectives for the chapter at the beginning of the week.

Collaborative: For me, I need to be more acceptable to what my cohorts offer to the class discussion/thought/opinion on the subject matter. I have noticed that I will sometimes disregard specific cohort’s thoughts when they begin to speak. I know I shouldn’t do this and it’s something that has recently started to happen, so the perfect time for me to address this shift is now!

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