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Prompt: Part 1: Give one example of your own thinking at one or more points in your life that reflect the following: dualism, multiplicity, and relativism. Part 2: What are two marker events that could help a young adult to develop into their current level of thinking?

Part 1: In my teenage years, I knew it was wrong to have a friend who was openly racist to half of my family members and a part of me, but I knew it was right for me to have at least one friend in High School. I struggled with the dualism aspect of my postformal thoughts. When I was an Senior in High School, I did not want to trust that my mother was right when she gave me feedback on my bachelor degree choice, in this case I displayed a form of multiplicity. This is because I did not want to trust that she could be right since I valued her opinion only to a certain degree, whereas I valued my paternal grandmother’s opion higher, which of course both people wanted me to explore different paths. When I entered the workforce, I knew it would be in my best interests to be respectful to not just other people, but to other people’s opinions/values/beliefs that were different from my own. In this part, I learned how to balance relativism. 

Part 2: One example of a young adult’s level of thinking is motivated to change, is when they are faced with the aspect of becoming independent from his/her parent(s) or to continue as their parent(s) dependent offspring. A second example is when a young adult discovers he/she will be a parent in a few months, the mindset of that individual changes to either prepare and accept the reproduction or to reject and isolate themselves from the offspring.

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