Blog Post 9

Prompt: Referring to the peer review process for student websites, please state three changes you would recommend for your peer’s website and justify reasons for those changes.
Citing the text for specific supportive evidence, name one positive aspect and one negative aspect that influenced your adolescent development.

Response to Part 1: First recommendation, add some vocational and person information to your ‘About Me’ section on Website due to being able to self-reflect on your accomplishments and to be allow the perspective employer the opportunity to talk about non-related work subjects to gauge your personality. Second recommendation, adding the class website/blog site would be a great way to connect your Blog Post work to your site in order to show the perspective employer your active involvement with your class. Third recommendation, if you add a tab for your Blog Posts and direct your Blog Posts there, you seem more organized with your website to your perspective employer, as well as giving you the option to add articles/materials to your website page on the main screen.

Response to Part 2: A positive aspect that influenced my adolescent development was due to my mother’s insistence that I did not work a job until I was 18 years of age in order to focus on my academics and applications for college, which according to the Leisure and Work development, my mother improved my academic success and did not enable me to have misconduct in school with my behavior or addictions to substances as research has shown this to be possible effects to adolescents working while in high school. A negative aspect that influenced my adolescent development was the lack of a Peer Network since I did not have positive social group or peers to interact with since the only friend/peer I had was a known racist drug addict in the school. This caused my relations to the friend to be negative and my self-image to be impacted since I associated with him publicly, regardless of my high academic record.

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